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Insulation: For knock-down & standard fully welded curbs, insulation will be 1.5" x 3" density rigid foil-faced insulation on the interior of the curb. Plenum curbs that require a cleaner air stream can be insulated with foil faced insulation and joints sealed with foil tape.
Internal Liners: For applications where clean air is paramount, 1.5" x 3" foil-faced insulated is used in conjunction with a 20ga galvanized steel liner. Other liner materials are available.
Coatings: A wide variety of coatings and colors are available, including decorative. Protective coatings are also available to provide a selection for most environments.
Security Bars: For preventing unlawful entry. The bars consist of 1/2 inch diameter A-36 mild steel, welded 6 inches apart.
Duct Support Kits
Solid Bottom Plenum Curbs
Side Discharge Applications: please indicated on drawing location and size of opening
Filter Racks
Acoustical sound-absorbing inserts
Spring Vibration Isolation
Single and Compound Roof Pitches
Metal Building Standing Seam Roofing Systems: 
please provide rib dimensions
Seismic Construction with/without PE stamp
Multi-Zone Adaptor Systems


Curbs can be provided in either a knock-down (bolt together) form or fully welded single-piece construction. Knock-down construction will save on shipping costs and fabrication time. Fully welded will save on-site assembly time. All welds will be painted with a zinc rich galvanizing compound. Curbs will be provided with adhesive-backed closed cell neoprene gasket. New install curbs (not adapters) will be fitted with a factory installed pressure treated (PT) wood nailer. Plenum curbs and adapters will be insulated with 1" x 1.5# density fiberglass duct liner.​


Material can range from 18-10 gauge standard galvanized steel , to equivalent Stainless Steel or Aluminum.


12" - 30"

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